Monday, December 21, 2009

beauty stash

ayey! i'm kinda a late bloomer and give nary a glance to anything that would spell an all out spree on beauty products. i only have the most basic things a girl could want like a mascara, gloss, powder and an eyeliner. dang! the beauty addicts out there will surely frown upon this old soul of mine. but hey! i'm a changed gal now and slowly starting to love make up and the beauty tools that goes with it. eeeek it's a jungle out there on what to choose as your HG brands, i could literally give myself a headache on what to choose. my sister doesn't even want to come with me now because it takes forever for me to decide on what to buy. still, a girl can learn and pick out the weapons we need and arm ourselves with the affodable but effective buys out there.. i will post pics later of my make up haul and show you what i'm so into now.

as i'm starting out with my make up ride, i've been visiting beauty blogs from left to right to pick up some tips/tricks from the experts or rather beautiful people who has a vast knowledge & experience with make, i stumbled upon a blog from another beauty blogger & she will have her first give-away! what do you say!!! please visit to check out this wonderful give-aways.